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Life Appreciation Guide

Create a Tribute As Unique As a Life Itself

People loved and lives touched. Talents, skills and passions. Milestones and special achievements. Cherished moments and fondest memories.

Where we come from and the past that makes us who we are.

Every life is a combination of many different facets. Every life is meaningful and there are many creative ways to see that life remembered.

This Life Appreciation Guide is designed to help you create a tribute as unique as the life it honours. 

With sensitivity in design, dedication to excellence in craftsmanship and the finest, most enduring materials, we will help you create an original memorial that will share the story of a life with friends, family and loved ones today and for generations to come.

We invite you to follow the Life Appreciation Guide below as you consider your options for creating an everlasting memorial to a loved one.

Or, you are welcome to download the printable PDF version of the guide.

Remembering Beginnings

Family Heritage:

Family heritage can have a dramatic impact on who we are and who we become.

Think about the role ethnic origin and family history played in the life you are celebrating.


Remembering Daily Life

Life’s Work:

Our work can help to define us. It can be a big part of who we are.

How did this person’s work affect their life and the lives of others?


Life’s Accomplishments:

Every life includes significant contributions. Some are well known and widely celebrated. Some are known only to family, friends and loved ones. All are important.

What accomplishments in this person’s life are most meaningful to you?


Remembering Interests and Passions

Interests and Hobbies:

The pastimes that give us a break from life’s challenges can lead to talents and passions that influence our lives in many different ways.

What loves and interests did this person most enjoy?