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How to Design a Memorial

STEP 1: Meet with our knowledgeable counsellor.

The first meeting with the memorial counsellor is a time to reflect on your loved one’s life, noting personality traits, accomplishments, activities and special memories. You and the counsellor will work together with a “Life Appreciation Guide” that helps you draw out recollections and thoughts. Together you can explore possible symbols that represent important memories and life experiences.

STEP 2: Create a rough sketch.

In collaboration with our memorial artists, our design counsellor can help you refine your ideas into a design that will present itself well on a granite memorial.

The ideas discussed will be captured in a rough sketch of the elements you’d like to include. At this stage you will have an opportunity to make revisions and approve the final sketch.

STEP 3: Approve the final drawing.

The final development stage of the design process is the review and approval of an exact representation of the finished product. This can be a scale drawing, or for a small additional cost, a full-size drawing. This is your opportunity to make sure you’re satisfied with the design, and lettering styles and placement.

STEP 4: Your memorial is completed.

Our skilled artisans follow the final drawing to carve and letter your memorial.

The result - meaningful memories preserved in stone forever!