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Important Considerations

A memorial is one of the most enduring decisions you will make in your lifetime. In fact, it will last for many lifetimes ... a tribute that will speak to many generations to come. Creating the right memorial is a process that should not be hurried.

You need to reflect on the life you are memorializing.

Consider the passions, skills and talents, milestones and special achievements, cherished moments and fondest memories that make a life unique and special.


 You need to consider all the possibilities.

You need to know about all the memorialization alternatives that are available today and decide whether a traditional monument or one of the many new ways to creating a lasting tribute is the best suited to your unique situation.

You need to deal with understanding people.

You need people who have the experience and dedication to craftsmanship to help you translate your thoughts and feelings into a sensitive, creative and meaningful work of art.

You need to know you are getting real value.

You need the confidence that comes from dealing with a company that has the history and experience to meet your expectations and the strength to stand behind its work.

Since 1924, Remco has never forgotten that our business is helping people meet these needs.

We will be with you throughout the process to help you create a memorial that pays a special tribute to a special life. 

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